April 28, 2014

This diet really works! Ways to 'kill' 500 calories and lose weight

If you reduce your intake of only 500 calories per day, per kilogram of body fat will melt in about two weeks.
To lose one pound of weight or body fat will need to spend about 7500 calories.

The most effective way to achieve this is to reduce your daily calorie intake. Even with 500 fewer calories per day one pound of fat will melt in about two weeks. Check Original Review Venus Factor Review

It may not be fast enough, but it is healthy and effective, and above all - simple. Here are ten ways to reduce your calorie intake for those 500 calories without much effort and sacrifice.

Stop eating in front of the TV
If you discover that you will consume almost 300 calories more if you ate before TV, maybe you it makes you sit at the table and eat like a man.

So even if the TV replace a brisk walk, "trimmed" you 500 calories.
Eat from smaller plates

Did you know that adult enough portions that fit the child's plate? If you choose a smaller plate, you eat 20 percent less than usual and, no repetition.

Say goodbye to the third peanuts
Nuts are the fruits of trouble. If you are trying to lose weight, forget about the peanuts. If you must, limit yourself to a handful of nuts, and the rest out of reach. A handful of mixed nuts has about 175 calories, but who stood in one serving?My Personal Blogs http://womenshealthprograms.bravesites.com/

Order espresso
Coffee with cream or drinks with flavors like instant coffee bags are full of sugar and empty calories, so rather order an espresso. One cup has only 30 calories while "fancy" coffees abound and even some 500.

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