May 10, 2014

Why millions of people fail to lose weight

Hungry all the time and you fail to stick to a diet? Researchers have discovered the real reason some people cannot refrain from sweets and fatty foods.

It is a DNA sequence problematic - some variant of the FTO gene - which prevent people feel tired and often makes them feel cravings for sweets and fatty foods, scientists say.Visit my Web Pages

In a few years, was discovered FTO gene, which is known to have a role in obesity, but the mechanism behind this association was still unknown. Now, scientists have deciphered the mystery of the influence of the FTO gene on body weight.
Knowing how the gene works may explore new ways to counteract its influence to combat obesity which in many countries and Western, tends to gain a true epidemic proportions.

Millions of Britons, for example, carries a problematic version of this gene (about half of the population, according to researchers consider), either in a single or two copies (as when we speak of "gene" it is in reality , of a pair of genes located on chromosome pairs, in this case, two copies of the FTO gene in the chromosome of a pair are 16).

The 16% of the population bearing two copies of the defective gene variants have 70% higher chances to become obese than those who do not have a copy of the FTO gene variant. Even the 49% who have one copy of the gene problematic 30% higher chance of becoming obese.

People who have this variant (named by scientists "obesity gene" or "gene hunger") tend to eat more and more often, fails in an attempt to lose weight through diet.

The mechanism of this gene involves a hormone called ghrelin, responsible for the sensation of hunger. People who have "obesity gene" does not show a significant decrease in ghrelin levels after they ate a normal amount of food, which causes them to eat a lot.

Researchers at University College London asked some young men (some of whom gene problems and others do not) to assess the intensity of the sensation of hunger before and after a meal. Volunteers were taken blood samples by measuring the plasma levels of ghrelin, the hormone which triggers the sensation of hunger.

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Venus Factor Review-Deficiencies of nutrients

Some nutrition experts agree the fruit detox diet because it fails to incorporate some protein. However, restrictions in the diet limits intake of many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that the body needs. The diet limits the intake of calcium, vitamin D, Omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins.

Too few calories

According to nutritionists, diet deprives the body of energy , due to the extremely low intake of calories . They say that most people who have followed the diet felt weak during the three days of dieting.

Weight loss is only temporary
Experts say most of the lost weight using diet is mostly water with some of the muscle tissue. They feel that diet is a temporary solution.

In fact, people cannot live with such a food plan. Therefore, you must consider that rapid detox diet is nothing more than a quick fix to lose weight and often extra pounds back in even greater numbers immediately after you resume regular diet.

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May 09, 2014

What is the effect of magnesium for weight loss

What is the effect of magnesium for weight loss - Perhaps this may seem exaggerated, but the influence of magnesium (or lack thereof), the excess weight is quite significant. According to a number of comparative studies it is shown that many people who are obese are currently inadequate intake of magnesium.For Free News Venus Factor Scam

Similar studies then show that supplements or foods high in magnesium have a significant effect on weight loss. Thanks magnesium miraculously not lose weight during the course of a few days. But it sure can help you on your way to the perfect body.

What is magnesium and what is good? Magnesium is a mineral with the Latin name Magnesium (chemical symbol Mg). Besides, it is a metal which is commonly used for the manufacture of different alloys or in the manufacture of pyrotechnics, include magnesium, among a very important mineral elements that our body really needs for its proper functioning.

Magnesium is involved in the human body to more than 300 a multitude of biochemical reactions.

Magnesium our body gets from food is very important for the proper functioning of the muscles and nerves. In addition, magnesium is also participates in the release of energy from glucose.

It also affects the proper bone structure, the circulatory system and the many other processes in the human body. Magnesium deficiency is manifested mainly irritability (magnesium combined with calcium because it works as a natural tranquilizer).

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John Barban Review-If your goal is to quickly and effectively reduce weight

B complex vitamins in plant foods can be found mainly in whole grains, legumes and contain the various types of nuts. The source of some B vitamins may be cocoa or millet.

Weight loss but not only vitamins - Regular intake of vitamin B complex but not a panacea, if your goal is to quickly and effectively reduce weight, then you should focus on other aspects. Start practicing and think about how your diet looks like.John Barbna the Official Website

Basis, not just weight loss, but especially the long-term maintenance of optimal weight is regular exercise (or other physical activity). It does not have to be because of the no-consuming exercise often just a few. I regular long walks will help in keeping weight under control.

Even small changes in diet can have a significant effect. Simply replace the nutrients from food the less harmful / healthier, and they themselves will be surprised how they can have a significant effect such small changes. Try to avoid sweetened soft drinks and other sugary beverages.

You'd be surprised how many steps your body takes "unnecessary" sugar. Instead of sweetening tea with sugar, use honey.

Most fatty foods, there is a low fat version. Weight loss does not have to be a strict diet. Often, just use common sense and make a few small changes. If you are trying to lose weight and are looking for any tip or advice that could help you facilitate your efforts, then you should read, what the effect of weight loss on mineral magnesium is.

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B complex vitamins and weight loss-Venus Factor Review

Vitamin B8 (Choline) - choline inhibits the development of atherosclerosis and associated cardiovascular and vascular disease, including heart attack, stroke and more. Vitamin B9 (folic acid (folacin, folate)) - participates in the formation of nucleic acids in the body (absolutely necessary for life).
Click here to Learn more.............Venus Factor

It also participates in the reaction at a wide range of amino acid metabolism). Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) - is very important in the process of developing blood, when its lack leads to anemia (anemia), and impaired memory.

B complex and weight loss - As shown in the brief description of vitamins B complex, most of them are more or less involved in basic metabolic processes that are essential to the proper functioning of the human organism.

A large proportion of them also have an influence on the metabolism of fats and sugars. And it is in weight loss what interests us in particular.
Best Reviewes
VitaminsBest Reviewes of the groups of the human body "cannot" produce and often cannot even have "stored" in the body longer. Regular intake of vitamin B complex is very important.

Whether you opt for a powder that contains optimal amounts of each vitamin or a balanced diet that contains foods rich in various vitamins B, your weight loss is very good. The best source of vitamin B complex is primarily yeast.

We find it also in meat and cheeses and other foods of animal origin. For example, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is then other than from animal sources, available only to a very limited extent.

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May 08, 2014

Joey Atlas Review-Facts and lies about cellulite

Water helps in the improvement of cellulite

Water will not address the problem. Most of us are suffering from drought without to know, especially the outer layer of the skin. When the water we drink, the internal organs are the first to benefit.
Find More Information Here Joey Atlas Review
But if you plan to eat 1.5 liters of water every day to maintain the health of the lymphatic system and get rid of toxic substances in the body, the level of health will increase. Do not drink a lot of water because the swelling will cause the appearance of cellulite look bad.

Tip: Start by rubbing the body brushing three times a week when showering with massage to improve the effectiveness of the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins and fat.

Exercises help to get rid
Properly although it will not get rid of it completely, but that exercise helps improve blood circulation, excess fluid, and soften the muscles, which mean fortitude softer and smoother.

To stimulate the distribution of blood circulation and drain toxins from the lymphatic system must think about the diaphragm and abdominal muscles like a piston, so you need to aerobic exercise 5 times a week for amazing results. Include exercises, dancing, cycling, and resistance exercises stomach.

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Joey Atlas Review-Cellulite means that you are overweight

This is one of the most common myths and can frustrate people who suffer from obesity. More than 80 percent of women in the Western world suffer from cellulite and this includes and even fashion models.

So keep your weight normal and healthy in order to avoid the problem of the disintegration of skin tissue.Other Links
 Even if you are slender do not think that getting rid of the weight will help to alleviate cellulite.

Cellulite is getting worse with age, unfortunately, for the majority of us, this is real, cellulite starts to take shape as soon as the high level of estrogen in the stage of puberty, and it must be remembered that the formation hemolytic condition. With the passage of time become less movement and expands the skin.

As a result, fat cells grow, and expand the fiber support, and less blood circulation, and more confined fluids which increases wrinkles. To prevent the accumulation of these fluids Stop caffeine, alcohol and nicotine

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Joey Atlas Review-Facts and lies about cellulite

Are you associated with cellulite overweight? Do you drink water helps it? Or is it exercise. Come know the facts and lies about cellulite

Cellulite is simply fat redundant

Most likely that cellulite fat distribution and exposure to bad drainage, a doctor and the author of "cellulite solution", carrying the fat cells of women in the fibrous tissue scrappy like that which is owned by men.

So when fat cells are exposed to damage because they are not hanging properly installed.
Cellulite is hereditary

Some families are also subjected to certain diseases, the possibility of the appearance of cellulite possible.

But hormones and diet and lifestyle play an important role too, so if your mother and grandmother suffer from cellulite, it means that you are exposed to the same thing, but if you yourself will not protection for many of the problems.

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Mistakes about cellulite and how to rid you of it in a natural way

Do you think that cellulite is associated with obesity only? Or that drinking water helps to get rid of it? Come learn about the common mistakes about cellulite and how to rid you of it in a natural way.

Cellulite fat mistake; Cellulite is mostly fat been damaged as a result of poor distribution and drainage. Joey Atlas the Official Website

The fat cells in women is stored in the fibers are not tied directly as men. Contributes lifestyle inert in pulling fiber grip on fat cells that leads to the landscape ugly that looks like a peel Clockwork, so Watch your weight and do not sit long without movement.

Cellulite is hereditary Yes; there are some families more prone than others to cellulite. But hormones, food, and lifestyle play a role in that as well. So if your mother or your grandmother suffer from cellulite, it is likely to be able to get it later as a memento of them.

Cellulite is linked to overweight and obesity; this is one of the most common myths and can frustrate those people who are not overweight.

More than 80 percent of women in the Western world suffer to some extent from cellulite including and fashion models. Keep your ideal weight so as not to stretch the tissues.

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Joey Atlas Review-Diet to get rid of cellulite

Cellulite is fat cells confined in a solid network of muscle tissue and fiber. The body gets rid of this fabric and fiber steadily through body fluids can be certain of the diet that fights cellulite. Can cleanse the affected area and reduce the amount of excess toxins that will be useful in the removal of cellulite and improve skin quality.
Free Truth about Cellulite Report
For example, the fresh fruits and green vegetables are useful for cleaning the body and getting rid of toxins and include fresh fruits and vegetables multiple components, such as minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. , and of course we must not forget that exercise is also useful in getting rid of cellulite.

The nutrients of Vitamin B, C and E, and essential fatty acids, glucosamine, calcium, iodine, fiber and potassium - eg: - avocado, oily fish, bananas, beans, oats, bran, pears, asparagus, broccoli and such all good sources of food processing Cellulite.

On the other hand there is little evidence that smoking and caffeine may the appearance of cellulite, probably because they shrink blood vessels. As well as the consumption of alcohol in any form causes an increase cellulite deposits in the body dramatically.

Sometimes, it can become a very bad cellulite, if you eat foods containing alcohol, refined foods, soda and high animal protein. Deposits of cellulite can be reduced entirely to nutrition health through diet and exercise. Cellulite diet tips:

1. Cut down on the amount of fat that erosion. Reinforcement instead of foods in oil, Pour off the fat surrounding the meat.
2. Drink at least two liters of pure water every day. Water cleanses your system and helps you get rid of body toxins.

3. Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables.

4. Stay away from alcohol as much as possible, because they cause liver damage and prevent your body from waste disposal.

5. Avoid snacks between meals and instead eat a piece of fruit, or vegetables or rice cake. Many More Information

6. Eat a cup of warm water that contains lemon juice to fresh when every morning.

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May 07, 2014

Joey Atlas Review-And what about the fight against cellulite

Other product likeable called Caffeine Tights contains microcapsules of caffeine which are very effective in the fight against cellulite. Everyday wear over a period of three weeks guaranteed decrease in the volume of 2 inches on each thigh and smooth skin.Many More

'Tests have shown excellent results, and the demand for the product is great, "said a spokesman for the brand.
One of the reasons why this product has achieved great popularity fear of sun exposure due to high hazard

Every year in the UK and Wales from malignant tumors of the skin, which is the second most common disease among women between the ages of 15 and 34, dies 2000 women.sunlight due to high hazard.

Every year in the UK and Wales from malignant tumors of the skin, which is the second most common disease among women between the ages of 15 and 34, dies 2000 women.

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Joey Atlas-Feet to the sunny with no cellulite

Tan raises self-esteem, because people were going to tanning and self-tanning application preparation tasks that many women do with great pleasure. But due to the harmful effects of artificial sun, a product that won the British market could become a big hit. Sunny legs with the help of pantyhose sounds great, does not it?Latest Health News Joey Atlas

Tanned legs with the help of pantyhose? Can!
Skin Kiss nylons enable achievement of artificial tan in just two hours of wearing, working on the principle of special patented technology that releases tiny capsules that bronzer legs ensure perfect and uniform tan.

After removing it is not necessary to apply any body lotion because nylons provide skin with the necessary moisture and Aloe Vera, which will provide extra shine.

Technology that releases tiny capsules that bronzer legs ensure perfect and uniform tan . After removing it is not necessary to apply any body lotion because nylons provide skin with the necessary moisture and Aloe Vera, which will provide extra shine.
Free News HERE

Once used nylons, after washing can be worn again, and the effect remains the same. They come in a package with protective gloves to prevent occasion dress traces of artificial complexion on the palms and hands.

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Form a critical zone in the lunch break

Research has shown that the Power Plate particularly effective in critical zones, and works best in solving hall on the abdomen.

Training on the Power Plate provides quick results, and instead of a long training on the machine is carried out only 10 to 15 minutes of intense exercise. The body is exposed to vibration platform on which to perform the exercises. Highful Information

Transmission of sound vibrations to the whole body of natural causes involuntary muscle contractions 30-50 times per second. Sound vibrations to the whole body's natural causes involuntary muscle contractions 30-50 times per second.

Madonna and Kylie maintain perfect line through exercises on the Power Plate
Study, involving 61 people with overweight and have been given different diets and exercises which must be adhered to six months, showed that those who exercised the Power Plate lost 11 percent of its weight.

People who have only decreased food intake have lost 6 percent weight, while those who are doing some other exercise lost 7 percent of their weight.

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May 06, 2014

Joey Atlas Review-Herbal mixture disposing of cellulite

Cellulite is deposition of fat cells under the skin causing an unacceptable form looks like orange peel in certain areas of the body.

Mustafa Waldock, an expert herbs, offers a blend of herbs that are used paint to cure the disease, through a combination designed to increase the rate of burning fat under the skin and agitated until the intervention of the circulatory system, makes it easier to burn then with the Department of arson in the body, it helps to get rid From that appearance.
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Components of the composition:
Two tablespoons ginger oil "best oils for the treatment of cellulite."

Two tablespoons of mustard oil, "one of the best oils to increase blood circulation in the position of fat deposited"
Two tablespoons of Nigella sativa oil

4 tablespoons of olive oil "is rich in unsaturated acids and increases the elasticity of the skin."
Two tablespoons of beeswax "increases elasticity of the skin."

Setting method: Mix four components, and then placed in a water bath is a hot water placed in a vase " Alastanlstal ", then leaves a quarter of an hour until dissolved candles and melts whole product and it takes strength and then poured and cooled, and painted every day until show results in improved skin cells in period from one month to 45 days.

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Natural recipes to eliminate cellulite

Revealed an expert cosmetic formulation for natural recipes and blends naturally to fight cellulite suffered by some women, also focused on formulations that are used in body massage

The first recipe

Mix 5 tablespoons of green clay and of the promoter to become a paste.
- Spread the paste on the areas that suffer from cellulite and leave 20 minutes and then a national work light massage and rinse to feel softness.

- This recipe works to relieve cellulite

The second recipe:
- A national green herb wrap in tin and put them on places of cellulite.

- The effect of this recipe is stronger than the effect of oils used in massage work.

The third recipe
- Bring the 10 grams of dried algae and 5 tablespoons of wheat germ, and together and then massage the area that suffers from cellulite.

- leave for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water and then cold.

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John Barban Review-Our sources of protein daily

Q: How much protein do I need per day? Did types of proteins are important in this case?
A: proteins vital; They are the structure of the cells in our bodies and contribute to the activities for growth and development of almost every cell, and tissue repair, as processed proteins needed to fuel the body needs energy.For Free News Venus Factor Scam

When the metabolism (metabolism) in a normal situation, the proteins within the human body disintegrate into smaller molecules called amino acids. The use of some of these acids as fuel, while others gather in protein molecules to compensate for the proteins that cells consume daily.

Amino acids
As disintegrate proteins that we eat into amino acids, and called some of these acids «amino acids vital»; because our bodies cannot configure and we must get them from food. But it does not we have to get those amino acids are all from each source of proteins, although we need all of those sources in our diet. Our bodies cannot store amino acids; so we compensated daily by proteins that we eat.

The amount of food proteins that are needed daily, in part, on body weight and physical activity for us, and some people need to limit their intake of proteins due to poor kidney function, or poor metabolism, they have.
Daily servings

However, the recommended amounts, allowed for adults are 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight per day. But children and pregnant and lactating women and patients in convalescence and traumatized or who have undergone surgery, are more in need of proteins. As well as the needs of people and very active athletes amounts to more of them.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults get 10 to 35% of calories necessary for them daily of proteins and must reflect the percentage changes in food and activity, for example, that the woman took what reduce the number of calorie intake is by eating a larger share of them in the form of proteins in order to meet the requirements of her body.

Sources of proteins
It contains most of the sources of animal proteins to amino acids vital whole, unlike plant sources that do not contain a lot of them on those acids.

The proteins affect animal and plant almost the same effect on the human body, but it is important to pay attention to the other nutrients they contain protein sources. For example, a piece of steak is a great source of protein.
Must Read

The chicken and fish the best sources of protein, while oily fish such as salmon provides acids «Omega 3» fatty health. The beans and whole grains are good sources of protein, in addition to being good sources of fiber.

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Venus Factor-Valuable tips to maintain fitness

Find out why it is difficult to change the excess weight around the middle; it is linked to hormonal changes. Cells fatty required because it produces estrogen, which reduces a woman's aging and as a result, the body begins to resort to these cells in an attempt to keep the rates of estrogen where these changes occur, so try to get rid of these fat early in life.
Visit my Web Pages

Try to relax most of us live in a constant state of tension, which makes the body a lot of secretion of cholesterol and this hormone fights relax, which makes to the consumption of foods with energy supreme like candy what you need to run a mile at a reasonable speed to get rid of cholesterol, but that it would not be good if indulged in your office practice of exercise is the thing, preferring to get rid of the hormones that cause pressure.

To continue the accursed try to eat a little in most cases, do not try to demolish the accursed, because it will make in the case will not of which is able to get rid of volume overload and try to maintain a balance sugar levels blood with eating five a few meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snacks) transformative for carbohydrate intake Belarus (live, rice, pancakes) to alternatives other routine such as chicken and eggs with every meal.

Building muscle is a muscle-building is makes you look more devoid of contouring. The muscles burn a large amount of energy more than fat so try some exercise to lose weight and do not allow your existence some contouring on your stomach as well as the case for your arms and your back also, and if you need to lose weight dramatically belt resistant

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May 05, 2014

Venus Factor Review-Hemophilia is the most common disease

Only in Elbe, or someplace and I need to go straight to the market or to visit family in a neighboring village.
In the mountains nope: uphill slog, do not enjoy downhill horror, just a stone and fly, I prefer a nice walk and enjoy the surroundings.

Even with hemophilia can live to a great age, said on-line doctor
Hemophilia is the most common disease of the group of bleeding disorders, only in the Pakistani Republic it affects approximately one thousand patients. "

Cure is not impossible, but thanks to the treatment of patients may live to a great age. Ninety and I have a patient," he said in an interview on-line doctor Peter Salad.Visit my Web Pages

Replies doctor Peter SALA HERE
Hemophilia is an inherited disorder that manifests impaired blood clotting.
The doctors

MD. Peter Salad governed by the Center for Thrombosis and Homeostasis at the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (ÚHKT).

It focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with bleeding disorders, while providing surgical procedures in these patients.

Participates in a number of research projects, published in professional journals
Hemophilia ill in most cases only men. Women are just a carrier without symptoms.
The disease manifests unusually long bleeding after injury, surgery, or for example after tooth extraction

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Eating to calm and slenderness

Nervousness and stress
Do you feel constantly agitated and tense? Did you react quickly to stressful situations? Are you striving to be able to relax? Do you feel under pressure to have to do everything? If you feel that you cannot?

Are you prone to mood swings or irritability?
This is the most common type of stress, and it is especially dangerous long term. Eat protein at every meal (eggs, meat or fish), healthy fats and plenty of vegetables. Consider taking a supplement containing zinc, iron, B vitamins, vitamin C.
The cold and stress

Any regrets that you often cold when others warm? Have poor circulation and are prone to fluid retention? Do you feel that your hair is thinning? Do you feel that it is often difficult to concentrate?

Do you have less and less energy? Do you have a hoarse voice? Be you tired?
With this type of stress is the most difficult to lose weight. Practice yoga, eat less sugar and refined carbohydrates. Reduce your intake of alcohol and coffee. Avoid raw cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and kale because they can affect the thyroid gland. Eat chili, ginger, apple cider vinegar, etc. to warm you up.

Illness and stress
Often you have a cold or have trouble with asthma, arthritis, or psoriasis? Having problems with headaches? Are you taking medication for a long period? Abounds if you diet sugar and crabs?

Do you have joint problems, heart disease or osteoporosis?
It is necessary to reduce sugar intake, enter the foods rich in vitamin C and E and beta-carotene, such as fresh fruits and vegetables and spices, green tea, garlic and fish. To turn strengthen bones, it is necessary to exercise like jogging or walking.

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May 03, 2014

Joey Atlas-Tips on how to live happily

10 tips on how to live happily

Pay attention to the harmony of body and soul, expert advises
Advice on how to live healthy, happy and balanced is coming at us from all sides. Just for us is that we choose a try.
With dozens of recommendations comes also an American physician and author Deepak Chopra, who is considered an authority in the field of spirituality and personal development.

Deepak Chopra is a world authority on nutrition, healthy living and personal development.
If you want to find a balance, take some time to get the harmony and health of body and soul. Meditation is the path to self-awareness. It is the process of discovering who they really are.

In this state we find spiritual understanding, intuition, creativity, unbridled imagination, free will. Here we find a solution to every problem.

The problems come from the clutches of the mind.
Open your mind in meditation. It would be ideal if you meditate at least thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes in the evening.

2ndPositive Thinking
Deepak Chopra

lead for the first time in Prague 15 5th 2014 at the Great Hall Lanterns lecture on "The future of a healthy and successful life." Read more here.

If you allow outside forces and other negative energies come into your mind, you cannot really hurt. I personally in imagination I transform the future.

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