May 08, 2014

Joey Atlas Review-Cellulite means that you are overweight

This is one of the most common myths and can frustrate people who suffer from obesity. More than 80 percent of women in the Western world suffer from cellulite and this includes and even fashion models.

So keep your weight normal and healthy in order to avoid the problem of the disintegration of skin tissue.Other Links
 Even if you are slender do not think that getting rid of the weight will help to alleviate cellulite.

Cellulite is getting worse with age, unfortunately, for the majority of us, this is real, cellulite starts to take shape as soon as the high level of estrogen in the stage of puberty, and it must be remembered that the formation hemolytic condition. With the passage of time become less movement and expands the skin.

As a result, fat cells grow, and expand the fiber support, and less blood circulation, and more confined fluids which increases wrinkles. To prevent the accumulation of these fluids Stop caffeine, alcohol and nicotine

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