May 05, 2014

Venus Factor Review-Hemophilia is the most common disease

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Even with hemophilia can live to a great age, said on-line doctor
Hemophilia is the most common disease of the group of bleeding disorders, only in the Pakistani Republic it affects approximately one thousand patients. "

Cure is not impossible, but thanks to the treatment of patients may live to a great age. Ninety and I have a patient," he said in an interview on-line doctor Peter Salad.Visit my Web Pages

Replies doctor Peter SALA HERE
Hemophilia is an inherited disorder that manifests impaired blood clotting.
The doctors

MD. Peter Salad governed by the Center for Thrombosis and Homeostasis at the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (ÚHKT).

It focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with bleeding disorders, while providing surgical procedures in these patients.

Participates in a number of research projects, published in professional journals
Hemophilia ill in most cases only men. Women are just a carrier without symptoms.
The disease manifests unusually long bleeding after injury, surgery, or for example after tooth extraction

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