May 06, 2014

John Barban Review-Our sources of protein daily

Q: How much protein do I need per day? Did types of proteins are important in this case?
A: proteins vital; They are the structure of the cells in our bodies and contribute to the activities for growth and development of almost every cell, and tissue repair, as processed proteins needed to fuel the body needs energy.For Free News Venus Factor Scam

When the metabolism (metabolism) in a normal situation, the proteins within the human body disintegrate into smaller molecules called amino acids. The use of some of these acids as fuel, while others gather in protein molecules to compensate for the proteins that cells consume daily.

Amino acids
As disintegrate proteins that we eat into amino acids, and called some of these acids «amino acids vital»; because our bodies cannot configure and we must get them from food. But it does not we have to get those amino acids are all from each source of proteins, although we need all of those sources in our diet. Our bodies cannot store amino acids; so we compensated daily by proteins that we eat.

The amount of food proteins that are needed daily, in part, on body weight and physical activity for us, and some people need to limit their intake of proteins due to poor kidney function, or poor metabolism, they have.
Daily servings

However, the recommended amounts, allowed for adults are 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of weight per day. But children and pregnant and lactating women and patients in convalescence and traumatized or who have undergone surgery, are more in need of proteins. As well as the needs of people and very active athletes amounts to more of them.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that adults get 10 to 35% of calories necessary for them daily of proteins and must reflect the percentage changes in food and activity, for example, that the woman took what reduce the number of calorie intake is by eating a larger share of them in the form of proteins in order to meet the requirements of her body.

Sources of proteins
It contains most of the sources of animal proteins to amino acids vital whole, unlike plant sources that do not contain a lot of them on those acids.

The proteins affect animal and plant almost the same effect on the human body, but it is important to pay attention to the other nutrients they contain protein sources. For example, a piece of steak is a great source of protein.
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The chicken and fish the best sources of protein, while oily fish such as salmon provides acids «Omega 3» fatty health. The beans and whole grains are good sources of protein, in addition to being good sources of fiber.

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